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How to crop images in Django with Javascript

Here is the source code to the youtube tutorial on how to crop images using Django and Javascript that you can find under this link:

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How to load more data on a button click in Django and Javascript

Hi Guys,
On this page you will find the source code to the youtube tutorial: "How to load more data on a button click in Django and Javascript"

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Django with GeoLocation

Learn for FREE how to use GeoLocation with Django in a project based tutorial, where we are going to calculate & visualize the distance between two points - our location …

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Django Signals - understanding how they work

Learn how to use basic signals in Django : post_save, pre_save, m2m_changed, pre_delete in an introduction based on a project. I haven't found online a tutorial which would cover in …

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Social Network Project in Django

The entire course is FREE and new videos are uploaded to youtube every 1-3 days. All together the course consists of over 10 hours of video material dedicated mainly to …

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