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Django and Javascript Quiz app

Source code to the youtube tutorial on how to create a quiz app with django and javascript

 {% load static %} <!doctype html> <html lang="en"> …

Learn Python List Comprehension

Learn Python List Comprehension 
In this video tutorial we are presenting how does Python's list comprehension work:
- on basic examples
- creating a postal code …

Dependent dropdown list in django and javascript

Source code to the video tutorial: How to create dependent dropdown lists with django, javascript + ajax & semantic ui framework
Dependent dropdown lists in Django with Javascript (+ ajax) …

Amazon Price Tracker in Django

Source code to the youtube tutorial series:
Building Amazon price tracker with Django and Beautiful Soup
The entire youtube playlist available under this link:

Django with Open CV

Source code to the youtube tutorial on how to integrate django with opencv.
The purpose of this video is to show how to integrate django web framework with computer …

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